by Neverwhere

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released June 11, 2016

Recorded, produced and mixed by Loris Spanu, Enrico Viarengo and Michele Sarda @Dotto studios, Torino

Mastered by Paolo Gibin and Matteo Nigrotti @DamJam Studio, Torino

Michele Sarda: voice, guitars, bass
Enrico Viarengo: guitars on #1 and #5, vocals on #1, #3, #4, #10, synth on #3
Ulisse Moretti: drums on #6, melodica on #5
Loris Spanu: self-built Theremin on #8
Roberto Necco: banjo on #10

All songs written by Michele Sarda

Artwork by Chiara Allione

Thanks to, inspired by, thus dedicated to: Luca Vigliani, Andrea Dilillo, Alberto Garbero, Pietro Merlo, Francesca Carnevali, Hamilton Santià, Eloisa Franchi, Marco Gottero, Dado&Piera, you.



all rights reserved


Neverwhere Turin, Italy

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Track Name: Ask the stars
you left your heart inside the water
you closed your eyes to count to ten
just to find out that another
constellation leads your way
how will we learn to fight forever
how will you learn to number them all
now rest your mind
it’s time to see the stars
tricks and treats for all
then rise among the ones who never shine
the ones that live beneath the storm
nobody can take that away from you
you closed your doubts inside a drawer
and lent your nightmares to the river bank
but you couldn’t get rid of the sighing water
that follows you where you go
and it whispers soft “when will you bring
heavenly fire, heavenly flame?
and the lovers that you left outside
waiting in the rain instead
let them go and find their way home"
you pray we walk these streets together soon
though marked by the worst of faiths
on the surface lies the glare of the moon
and your voice is not silenced yet
nobody can take that away from you
Track Name: Better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow
right now, I’m changing the air in my lungs
I’m crashing the locks on my heart
I know I disappeared from the world
don’t make it sound so absurd
and now that the only sound left
is that of my rhythmless breath
I notice the stains on the walls
and found one more lie to unfold to atone

once more, this city will wriggle and fall
to be reborn come the cold
white shines, skyscrapers will scratch silver skies
worn out boots crackle the ice
spiders climb on torn up flags
satellites covered with webs
I walk on the streets of this town
trying to avoid looking down
lose my frown
Track Name: November
there was a story in the corner of her eye
there was a sign in the dust
that gathered up the gifts
we gave each other every now and then
there is a sadness in the way the light dies
when the dark floods the city
before the day is done
and catches us on the steps
still wondering why
and the cold is a wake up call
to me
leaves me blind and with all my nerves rattling

november starts
with slumber and ends in silence

there goes the image of a time that passed by
and left no traces
but the bend and the crook, the stare and the look
the stories, the books, the fox and the rook
the first snow gone stale, the grass on the rails
the soaking wet ground, the footsteps around
we seek refuge in all the bars, shivering
and get rid of our useless clothes, lingering
and the cold sounds in your ears
like a shout
every time you collect the faith
for getting out

november starts
with slumber and ends in silence
Track Name: Stranded
when the road to your arms
is paved with terseness
and the bone that you have to pick with me
fills the silence
all the glow on your cheeks
sure looks splendid
I stumble right on my feet
and in the blink of an eye
I'm stranded
there's a layer on my heart
that keeps me blinded
let me pour on those days a new coat of paint
let me ask myself
if I was there at all
or was it just my ghost
or even its shadow on the wall
looking stranded
yes, when the truth will be
delivered to me
I'll be swallowed whole
a stolen kiss
the usual hit and miss
but anyway in a day or so
I'm gonna see ya
I'll try to fight
my own private windmill
I'm gonna clear up my eyes
even though
you'll still find me
Track Name: Christmas eve lonesome bitterness blues
rain, hide
wait on a bench in the park
for the sky to crack open and give me a sign
fine, I'll walk some more with myself trying
to pretend I'm with someone I need
I ain't got
the kind of trophies you keep on the shelf or
the bright photos to remember the days
you were happy beyond compare
and chose to show the rest of the world
fear strikes, along with the holiday bells
I don't have the strength to get out of bed
I fear I've lost my way what else to say
realize there is no one around now
jimmy stewart now I know what it feels like
when you seem to leave no trace behind your
passing through this rotten world
when the sun shined
I hated every christmas to death
right, I'm bitter and cynic and restless
oh father please burn out all these candles
I hope you notice this lame misery
I hope this all ends mysteriously
and dumbstruck, everyone will question their needs
I fear I've lost my way
what’s more to say
I fear I’m wasting my days
I hope that it pays
I fear I'll find a way
past christmas day
Track Name: Outcast manifesto
I loved you whole
but in the middle of the sand I forgot the words
we’ll overcome
you know, silence is a blessing, makes it all look bold
we are
the ones who keep the world from wrong
’til it stands on its own
and we’ll never ever let it show
I don’t talk much
I keep my feelings in a bottle next to my luck
but when I’m alone
I feel overwhelmed way beyond hope
we are
the ones that look like outcast ghosts in the background row
and will never take a step forward
we walk in shame
and though we know it’s not for us we take all the blame
will love remain
when the ashes of the words
will scatter in the rain?
we are the ones that carry all the weight on their way back home
and will never ever let it go
Track Name: You & I
you and I we’ve been so sad
slept on the wrong side of the bed
and all these troubles they kept piling up ahead
and all the miles we walked alone
together, abroad or heading home
were just a million ways escaping our own woes
when we first met we were nineteen
now it feels like the middle of a dream
then all the details got lost somewhere in between
like the Clannad ring that fell down the sink
or waking up and hear you sing
or all the times you took my car and moved the seat
and even if we stayed up all night
it wouldn’t change the way that we fight
and even if we stayed up all night
this game would go on
it’s not all for us the pain we feel
instead of letting go and heal
we also worry for those who cannot deal
with laughter and shouts, shadows and doubts
always lurking up about
and all the anxiety we just can’t do without
and even if we stayed up all night
it wouldn’t change the fact that we find
ourselves locked in a cage from the inside
this game would go on and on and on
Track Name: Girl interrupted
you’re a girl interrupted, without a spark of faith in me.
Track Name: One for the missing
like bleeding nails on metal strings
and bedroom lights we never looked at before
I spent all night just filling whispers
and when day came these feelings lingered on some more
but I think night things always run
to cemetery gates at dawn
I can’t go to sleep, I’m thinking that
this is one for the missing
this is one for your heart
this is one for a new start
now there’s a ghost who carries roses
they once were red, now they’re just broken and torn
his faith was strong and made of whiskey
he did not die and yet he’ve never been born
but he’s still traveling on
cause better days are yet to come
so catch a breath and say it loud
this is one for the missing
this is one for your heart
this is one for a new start

this is one for the missing
this is one from my heart
this is one for our new start
Track Name: Scenes from a wedding
Diva died in the golden fest
shredded her heart with massive bloodshed
she ruined at last her velvet vest
but that’s not the part I remember best
it’s the moment when
you took my hand and said
“let’s get out of here and don’t come back”
cause no one is coming around for me
no one is coming around for me
no one is coming around you see
so let’s make people believe that we’re gone
a wedding’s supposed to be shining a light on the lives of the people that that think that life is but a fight
but since we left I feel more than alright and I don’t miss anything
or anyone
can you please tell me why?
and you said: “can you please just shut the fuck up?
I’m trying to sing along to the Lynyrd.
just take your shoes off,
untie your jacket,
shut down your brain,
try to return to the one you were
before they filled your head
with pretentious threats
like “you would waste your life
if you spent it waiting”
that’s not stupid
even if
no one is coming around for you
no one is coming around for me
we shouldn’t be worrying
to be remembered”
Track Name: Winterlight
winterlight, you’re a curse
come the morning, even worse
cause it’s time to worry
it’s time to care

by and by, winterlight
all the wisdom that you find
leaves you blind
finds you lonely,
lost and out of time