Scenes from a wedding

from by Neverwhere



Diva died in the golden fest
shredded her heart with massive bloodshed
she ruined at last her velvet vest
but that’s not the part I remember best
it’s the moment when
you took my hand and said
“let’s get out of here and don’t come back”
cause no one is coming around for me
no one is coming around for me
no one is coming around you see
so let’s make people believe that we’re gone
a wedding’s supposed to be shining a light on the lives of the people that that think that life is but a fight
but since we left I feel more than alright and I don’t miss anything
or anyone
can you please tell me why?
and you said: “can you please just shut the fuck up?
I’m trying to sing along to the Lynyrd.
just take your shoes off,
untie your jacket,
shut down your brain,
try to return to the one you were
before they filled your head
with pretentious threats
like “you would waste your life
if you spent it waiting”
that’s not stupid
even if
no one is coming around for you
no one is coming around for me
we shouldn’t be worrying
to be remembered”


from Alonetogether, released June 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Neverwhere Turin, Italy

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